Workshop on fault prediction and proactive maintenance

As the BigDataOcean project runs the third month of its lifetime, the consortium members intensify their efforts towards defining and developing a sustainable and really value added product. Towards, this direction, the project’s pilot partners are expected to play a particularly important role.

ANEK and FOINIKAS, running jointly the proactive maintenance scenario of BigDataOcean, hosted a workshop among themselves and DSSLab NTUA in the FOINIKAS premises in Athens, Greece.

A deep discussion around the actual importance, both in terms of business value as well as in terms of monetary costs, of (big) data in the shipping industry was realized, putting forward the numerous parameters that have to be taken into consideration when trying to disrupt the relevant domain. Both ANEK and FOINIKAS stated that big data can be definitely found in their everyday activities; however, the heterogeneity of this data, accompanied by strict safety regulations that ask for the presence of physical forms hinder the effective automated exploitation of the existing information.

ANEK and FOINIKAS pledged to gather and communicate the available data, as well as the fine-tuned pilot scenario, in order to structure as soon as possible an interesting, challenging (yet viable) pilot scenario that will add value both to their everyday operation, but also to the BigDataOcean project.

Partners Involved

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