The main objective of the BigDataOcean project is to propose and validate maritime big data scenarios for the benefit of EU-based companies, organisations and scientists. This is achieved through a multi-segmented platform that combines data of different velocity, variety, and volume in an inter-linked, trusted, multilingual system, producing a big-data repository of high value and veracity for project participants and local communities.

The BigDataOcean project strives to capitalize on modern technological innovations, utilizing them to revolutionize the way maritime-related industries work. The maritime sector, which is quite traditional and slow-moving, and has historically been unorganized and fragmented, is ripe for the introduction of innovations such as the big-data-driven economy, interrelated data streams from diverse sectors and languages, and cross-technology innovations that deliver data in several different formats (such as structured and unstructured, or real-time and in batches). These innovations will enable the creation of an entirely new value-chain, which will lead to great economic, societal, and environmental impact.

The infrastructure will be tested and facilitated through four strong pilots, that will provide the BigDataOcean project with an amount of data in the order of terabytes. This will result in the largest maritime database up until now, providing, among other things, collaborative, data-driven intelligence. Additionally, BigDataOcean will allow participating pilots to upload both private and public resources of data, and interrelate them through public and private queries and diagrams. The BigDataOcean system backbone will be domain-agnostic and compatible with most popular established data-processing technologies, sensor types, and common systems of operation.

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