BigDataOcean is presented at the 18th Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT ’19)

Compit ’19

Over the past week MarineTraffic members had the opportunity to participate at the 18th Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT ’19). This three-day conference took place at Tullamore, Ireland and gathered approximately 100 participants from industry and academia with strong presence also from the Pacific-Asian community. The conference was organised by DNV-GL, one of the most well-known classification societies.

The first day was dedicated to optimisation techniques, simulations and computer aided applications for improving the ship design. The targeted stakeholders were ship builders and the topics were mostly evolving around naval engineering. Besides that, some interesting demos with AR/VR technologies that would assist the work of naval engineers were presented.

Then discussions during the second day was driven by the technological advancements in AI and Big Data when applied in shipping operations, ship design, autonomous shipping and other maritime activities. MarineTraffic presented the early anomaly detection service and showcased the clear benefits of using a data-driven system to perform such analysis against the manual annotation systems that require continuous intervention from the expert user.

The last day of the conference included a diverse set of topics ranging from autonomous ships and unmanned operations to Fuel Oil Consumption and ship emission reduction models. Finally, an interesting session dedicated to digital training of crews was also part of the conference’s agenda for the 3rd day.

BDO consortium members had the opportunity to increase their networking with maritime industry contacts explain the challenges and the objectives of the project, give a brief description of its key achievements and describe how the platform can help maritime professionals and enterprises to unlock data insights that will maximise the value of their provided services and products.

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