BigDataOcean Wave Energy Pilot – Dissemination and Validation from External Users

During the last weeks, NESTER and UNINOVA, the two BigDataOcean (BDO) partners responsible for the development of the Wave Power Pilot, participated in a series of events to disseminate the pilot results and to assess the platform capabilities. The main goal was not only to validate the results obtained for the pilot but also to disseminate the BDO platform and to verify its capabilities
During the event DoCEIS19, a scientific conference, the team organized a training session allowing external users from different sectors to test the pilot services and to provide useful feedback for the development of the final version of these services. These users included people from the renewable energy area, ICT developers and researchers.

Figure 1. BDO Wave Power Pilot Training Session at DoCEIS19

In order to verify the capacity that the BDO platform currently has to answer multiple parallel requests, a Hackathon was organized by UNINOVA, aiming at having multiple users executing the pilot services in parallel. This event was highly successful and demonstrated that the BDO platform is capable of responding to multiple simultaneous requests and the Wave Power Pilot services were well received by the Hackathon audience.
Finally, the team participated in European Maritime Day (EMD 19), an official event from the European Commission related to maritime sectors. BigDataOcean was represented using a stand in the exhibition area and also through the participation in a workshop. The project results and the Wave Power Pilot in particular proved to be interesting topics to the stand visitors which demonstrated their interest in future activities related to BigDataOcean. The presentation on a Workshop named “Digitalisation, AI & Big Data for maritime applications” was also well received by the audience, generating interest for future developments and next steps that BigDataOcean can have to keep promoting the usage of Big Data and AI for maritime applications.

Figure 2. Presentation of BigDataOcean pilots at EMD19

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