Achieving 1103 Evaluations of the BigDataOcean Platform

Using the contact networks of the consortium members and several dissemination events, the BigDataOcean platform was successfully evaluated by 755 users during the third evaluation phase. When considering all evaluation phases, the platform has been evaluated by 1103 cumulative users (with 93 and 255 evaluations during the first and second evaluation phases, respectively), hence surpassing the defined objective of 1000 cumulative evaluations.

As soon as all services became finalised and available in the BigDataOcean platform, evaluators have been asked to evaluate the platform focusing their specific interests, namely concerning “Pilot 1 – Vessel Operation Improvement”, “Pilot 2 – Mare Protection”, “Pilot 3 – Maritime Security and Anomaly Detection”, “Pilot 4 – Wave Power as the Next Clean Energy Source”, or the “BigDataOcean platform in general”. Figure 1 illustrates the distribution of evaluations, where the four pilots gathered a total of 525 evaluations (70 %), highlighting a strong relationship of the evaluators with the pilots addressed in BigDataOcean. Since Pilot 1 was powered by two Maritime Industry related companies (i.e. ANEK and FOINIKAS), it was evaluated by a higher number of users. In general, evaluations are very positive for all pilots and for the BigDataOcean platform in general.

Figure 1: Distribution of users during the third evaluation phase

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