Workshop on maritime security and anomaly detection

After completing the kick-off meeting the Big Data Ocean partners have set the project’s priorities and paved the way forward. The project has an ambitious timeplan including a set of demanding and short-term goals to achieve over the first months of the project. It has been acknowledged from the project’s partners that in order to handle the effort and maximise the impact of the project, each pilot should organise a workshop inviting the relevant stakeholders and gathering inputs from them that fill the gaps and offer invaluable information to the pilot drivers.

On 23rd of February NTUA together with EXMILE (Maritime Security and Anomaly Detection Pilot drivers) organised a workshop in Athens. At this event, the two BigDataOcean partners had the opportunity to have some fruitful discussions with maritime stakeholders and exchange invaluable information related to the pilot. The organisers provided a questionnaire to the stakeholders so as to build knowledge regarding stakeholders’ needs and identify how their interactions outline the Maritime Data Value Chain. Although bringing together numerous stakeholders was a difficult task, EXMILE maximised the potential audience of the workshop through remote conversations with ship builders, ship owners, port authorities, tug operators and other stakeholders when necessary, leading thus to a successful event.

Partners involved

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