Workshop on mare protection.

As the implementation of BigDataOcean proceeds, the project’s pilot partners are in the course of fine-tuning their pilot scenarios in order to fully exploit the BigDataOcean platform and extract the maximum added value possible.Along these lines, a half-day workshop between DSSLab NTUA and HCMR was hosted in the DSSLab premises on March 2nd, 2017.

The oil spill simulation scenario, facilitated by Poseidon was in the epicenter of the discussion, investigating how the BigDataOcean offering can further ameliorate the AS-IS situation, both in terms of offering larger volumes of data and more accurate data as input, as well as visualising and promoting the derived results in a larger group of potential end users.

Furthermore, the discussion evolved around the data that HCMR can offer to the BigDataOcean platform, and the technical requirements that this process entails. Interesting discussions around external data sources that can be exploited in the context of BigDataOcean took place, recognising opportunities for potential synergies in the near future.

Last but not least, HCMR and DSSLab NTUA discussed on the various collaborators and clients that HCMR currently has, in order to investigate whether and how the aforementioned can be included in the BigDataOcean value chain.

Partners involved

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