Workshop on wave power

Following the defined in the project implementation plan, partners are involved in multiple tasks. One of those is related to the definition of the pilot scenarios, creation of a value chain and definition of possible stakeholders, whose inputs are crucial to adapt the pilot to existing needs.

Taking this into account, in the 2nd of March, UNINOVA and R&D Nester organised a workshop to evaluate the requirements for the Wave Energy Pilot of BigDataOcean. This workshop was also attended by Enondas, WavEC and Instituto Hidrogr√°fico, three different possible stakeholders of this particular pilot. The main goal was the definition of requirements and value chain in this case study. The full day event considered round-table discussions between all attendees and technical presentations in the scope of the pilot.

The discussion involved the needs of the different companies and how they can benefit from the implementation of the BigDataOcean pilot case. Further stakeholders were identified for a more advanced stage of the project.

Partners involved

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