Big Data Ocean Mid-term review

The Big Data Ocean’s mid-term review took place at the EU Offices in Luxembourg on Thursday 24th of May 2018. The BDO coordinator and the key partners of the project presented in details the progress made so far in the development of the BDO platform together with the four pilot applications that will be used as project’s showcases. HCMR made an extended presentation of its own development of “Mare protection” pilot application, which included the main justification for the implementation of such an application in the BDO platform, the different scenarios and test cases that will be available to the end users and the relevant key performance indicators that will be used for the final evaluation. The reviewers accepted the necessity of such a pilot application in the BDO platform and made specific remarks on the selection of the different scenarios, the input used from the end-users in the design of this application as well as they recommended specific changes in the selected key performance indicators in order to represent more clearly the market-oriented criteria.

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