BigDataOcean goes live!

As BigDataOcean project nears the finish line, the Consortium is proud to announce that its portfolio of data-driven solutions has reached the commercialization stage.

Concerning BigDataOcean platform , the ambition of the project has been to establish one of the largest European marine data repository and providing it with a portfolio of innovative analytics services and tools meant to extract knowledge, enable comprehension, and unlock value. To exploit BigDataOcean platform on an international scale, the Consortium unveiled BigDataOcean commercial partnership, which brings together HOLISTIC (i.e., commercial front-end), Ubitech (i.e., technological provider), and EXMILE (i.e., maritime business champion) to create a long-term destination for a large number of companies, organizations and professionals willing to redefine the way in which maritime data is collected, integrated, curated and harnessed.

As far as Business Cases are concerned, they have represented the most tangible opportunity to demonstrate the value of BigDataOcean in real-life maritime setting: four end-user applications – driven forward by a clear industrial perspective – intend to have a game-changing role in specific sectors of the maritime life.

In Business Case 1, on the basis of requirements provided by ANEK and FOINIKAS acting as early adopters, Ubitech made available two solutions targeting diversified ship-owning companies. Vessel fault prediction analyzes abnormal and/or unscheduled equipment failure and related causes in order to recommend strategies reducing unexpected damages and mechanical failures. On a parallel thread, fuel optimization allows to investigate the impact of environmental conditions as well as operational choices on vessel’s fuel consumption with the intent to recommend fuel-efficient routes, especially in case of fixed voyages. Ubitech, besides continuing the service delivery to ANEK and FOINIKAS, is launching a new product-based business line that drives diversification in a domain that is new for the company.

Business Case 2 resulted in an advanced oil spill simulation service based on cross-sectorial datasets currently untapped, which support emergency response companies and authorities in proper handling of a pollution accident in the marine environment. Recognizing a market interest in the sectoral community, HCMR is activating the provision of the digital service to third parties (e.g., offshore drilling companies), which can be supported also through specific consulting services during crisis situations.

In Business Case 3, thanks to BigDataOcean, anomaly-related analysis is no longer limited to ex-post support in case of incidents. EXMILE, in fact, takes advantage of a powerful Big Data inference engine to proactively detect vessels’ deviations from expected patterns in order to minimize threats at sea. EXMILE turns this product innovation into a new business line on anomaly detection, served to the current MarineTraffic clientele and to new customers as well.

Business Case 4 harnesses ocean data to assess the energy projects’ impact on ocean life, the impact of the ocean on the installed equipment, the foreseen energy production, and the best locations. Leveraging project results, NESTER is establishing a data-driven advisory business line serving companies willing to install offshore wave power generation plants in the Portuguese area and well beyond. Moreover, NESTER is about to tap into BigDataOcean for expanding its consulting action to the wind energy realm.

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