Using the BigDataOcean platform as a teaching tool

It is known from the previous posts that the BigDataOcean platform offers many functionalities and access to data from several domains, allowing different entities to improve their services and/or operation. Here we provide another example where the BigDataOcean platform is used as a teaching tool.

In this case, during an event that took place at the Faculty of Science Technology of Nova University of Lisbon on 13/05/2019, students of the Renewable Energy Technologies course were challenged to find the best location on the Portuguese coast to develop a wave energy farm using the functionalities associated to the “Wave energy resource assessment” service. Students had 30 minutes to find the best location and to characterise the respective wave energy resource in terms of annual energy generation and minimum, average and maximum power output.

A total of 51 students participated in this event, supervised by two Professors of that University, which allowed the students to better understand this type of renewable energy resource and the respective conversion to electricity using an intuitive platform. The feedback received from both students and professors was very positive and they expect to continue using the BigDataOcean platform in their studies.

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